Promo Codes and Review of Sportingbet

Sportingbet is Australia’s biggest bookmaker. That must tell you a lot about these guys. The great thing is that not only are they the biggest, but that also pay so much better than the TABs out there. They manage to do this through their MaxiDiv guarantee .
Sportingbet has developed quite an attractive feature on the backend software they run – which is having a one account integration across all different types of betting that you can take part in. This is not common in the industry.

Sportingbet’s Main Features
Here are some of the facts that will help you determine if Sportingbet is the sports betting agency for you. Compare the information below to other betting agencies to maximise the best deal.
* Sportingbet is a bookmaker
* Sportingbet started by obtaining their betting licence from the Northern Territory in Australia. They have their headquarters in Australia as well
* The categories that you can bet on is sports and racing
* You can start of light as there is a $1 betting limit over the Internet and $20 over the phone
* NETeller, Credit card, Moneybookers and Bank transfer are the ways you can bet with IASbet
* Australian Dollar is the only currency offered by Sportingbet

Further details on Sportingbet
Sportingbet has aimed to build a very strong and big presence in the United Kingdom – which they have done effectively. They are listed on the Alternative Investment Market on London’s stock exchange since 2001. If you are looking for the whale in the room, Sportingbet is surely it.
The site offers a professional, no-nonsense design which is what their target market wants. The website is nice, but certainly not their best feature, but I don’t think that bothers them too much, as they would rather produce quality in their bets, rather then on the design of their website.
I think that a reason why Sportingbet is as massive as they are is due to the number of choices they have to bet on opposed to their rivals who do not offer anywhere near as much. They truly do have a vast amount to cater to everyone out there.
Two of my favourite things to bet on is their strongest points, horse racing and motorsports so they have me as a fan for sure. The company is lead by Michael Sullivan, who is a very famous face in the sports betting industry – especially with horses

Sportingbet Promo Codes
No doubt you like a good promotion. Good, so do I. Sportingbet offers a ridiculous amount of good stuff so I’m sure you will love that. This company understands that to hold on to it’s dominance it much offer great promotions consistently, and that is exactly what they do. To find out more click on one of the links below.
To find out more information about sports betting agencies, a closer look at a Sportingbet review, or Sportingbet promotional codes visit the site.

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